Your freshly spray-painted wall is dripping. The spray paint looks uneven and patchy from the drips. A worse nightmare! We will teach you every possible way of how to fix uneven spray paint.

There are solutions. It doesn’t matter if it seems hopeless. For example, repairing uneven spray paint can be a simple home project if you fail to get it right the first go.

It is important to take your painting time. If you rush to paint or worry about the outcome, you could end up in the same spot.

Follow these tips for better performance

  • You must ensure that your spray gun is properly set up.
  • Use calm, steady movements of your hands at a 90-degree angle to the work.
  • Keep a distance of 6-12 inches between yourself and the object.
  • It’s better to have lighter coats than thicker ones.
how to fix uneven spray paints

Why Do We Have Uneven Spray Paint?

Spray paint may flow unevenly down a wall or other surface for several reasons. Let’s talk about some of the most common causes.

You decide whether any of these apply to you and your DIY project.

The Coats Are Thick

Try to apply thin coats. When heavy layers of spray paint are stacked on top of one another, the coat below has little chance of drying in time.

It results in a wet mess that looks spotty. The most common reason for uneven, drippy spray paint is because the coats were too thickly sprayed.

Setup Of The Spray Gun Is Insufficient

You might consider if your sprayer gun is properly set up and used. This could lead to uneven spray paint or drips. Lack of proper setup can result in paint leaking too fast, too thickly, or too slowly.

In addition, it will lead to a thin, patchy painting layer. Keep a sufficient gap between the spray and the wall by angling your paint spraying pistol at 90 degrees.

You will get a smoother, more even coat if you do it this way. The distance required will depend on the paint you use and what model paint sprayer you have.

It should be at least 6 inches and possibly up to 12 inches.

Paint Bubbles

When the paint does not cling correctly to the surface, blisters or bubbles may form. If the surface was filthy and not cleansed before application, this will occur.

These ugly patches might also occur when the weather is excessively humid or hot. However, there is a way out of this mess.

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Pro Tip:

Use a paint scraper to remove the blisters. Apply sandpaper for smoothing the surface. After the primer has dried, apply primer to the affected area and then paint again.

Cleaning Spills from Glass

Did you get any splatters, drips, or marks on the glass? We are giving you the ultimate solution.

After the paint dries completely, take a razor blade with you and start scraping away. Start scraping the paint away with the blade.

If necessary, clean the blade with a damp cloth and then continue scraping.

fixing uneven spray paint

Uneven Spray Paint in a Variety of Forms

We’ve already touched on paint drips, so we’ll delve more into this topic. Uneven spray paint can appear in a variety of ways.

Fish Eyes

Fish eyes are small, circular craters on painted surfaces. This uneven spray paint error is caused by oil from your skin or equipment contaminating the substrate.

Water can also cause this problem. This is why it is important to ensure that your spray painter and the paint you are using do not come in contact with water, oil, or any other liquids before you begin painting.

Orange Peel

Due to textural flaws, a poorly painted surface might resemble an orange peel. This is caused by incorrect setting up of the spray guns, spray painting at the wrong angle, and premature evaporation of the thinner.

Applying too much paint is one of the most common mistakes in spray paint.

Paint Drips

As we’ve already mentioned, paint drips are one of the most prevalent types of uneven spray paint.

They may happen to anybody for a variety of reasons, including using too much or the wrong sort of paint thinner in your spray painting gun.

How To Fix Uneven Spray Paint- A Walkthrough

uneven spray paint fix

Although spray painting might seem simpler than using liquid paints and brushes, it is still possible to achieve a professional look.

It is important to have the right tools and materials to protect yourself and your environment. You now know what causes uneven paint and how you can avoid it in the long term.

It’s time to consider the best techniques on how to fix uneven spray paint. These are the steps to get the best results.

Identify the Surface Conditions:

There are many ways to fix uneven spray paint. It all depends on whether the paint coats have dried or if they are still damp. We believe that explaining how to fix uneven spray paint that is wet or dry will be the best way to go.

Spray Paint is Wet and Uneven

No matter what the problem is, orange peel, paint drips, or fish eyes and spray paint should be easy to wipe off. This can be done using a moist, clean cloth.

The spray paint may then be reapplied using your spray painting gun. To prevent these issues from occurring again, make sure you read our complete guide on how to fix uneven spray paint.

If the unevenness is only on a tiny section of the wall or surface you’re painting, wiping it all off and starting over may not be necessary. This is especially important when the problem is unevenness from drips or fish eyes.

Sometimes, the problem is only in a very small area. To help smoothen it out, you can use a tiny and clean paintbrush.

Spray Paint is Dry and Uneven

You may notice uneven drying of spray paint, orange peel, fish eyes, or paint drippings. This can make it appear more difficult to fix.

It is not as easy as it looks, but sometimes it is the best thing to remove the entire top layer of paint. To prevent this from happening again, dust off the remaining debris and apply the paint as usual.

You might be able quickly to sand small areas and paint only those areas that are causing the problem. This should only be done if you have minor unevenness. So, this can be tedious and requires extreme care.

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The Bottom Line

If you have the appropriate equipment, fixing uneven spray paint or any other error is simple. If you follow this guide on how to fix uneven spray paint from the start, you won’t have to look for a solution afterward.

You only need a hack from the top, regardless of whether bubbles or drips have damaged your glass. A simple touch-up can fix most spray painting mistakes.

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