If you want to fix blotchy spray paint tasks, you must know how to get the task done easily. But what kind of method will you use for painting any type of surface? I think spray painting is the considerably easiest and famous option for this.

Now the question is how to fix blotchy spray paint? There are some techniques of spray paint to fix blotchy spray paint. If you can follow the technique with proper instruments, you will easily fix blotchy spray paint.

Here I will discuss all the details of the easy way of how to fix blotchy spray paint.

What is Blotchy Spray Paint?

Spray Paint is such a creation with a spray can that provides a lot of glow and shine. Unfortunately, if spray painting paints in the incorrect ways with cheap sprayers, this paint job becomes uneven and looks blotchy.

There are some places of lighter color mixed with some places of darker color in blotchy spray paint. When trying to cover large surfaces using spray paint, you will often find a blotchy finish. It is truly very difficult to get smooth coverage with spray paint. But spray paints can also provide a built-up coverage with a metallic finish.

How To Fix Blotchy Spray Paint?

To fix blotchy spray paint is very simple and easy. Before putting your first spray paint coat down, all the fixes for blotchy spray paint start. The easiest, most effective, and quickest solutions for blotchy spray paint are described below:

  • Mix up the spray paint
  • Learn Can or sprayer control
  • Keep moving the spray paint
  • Spray from the right distance
  • Lighter coats with spray paint
  • Clean your spray paint material
how to fix blotchy spray paint


To avoid blotchy spray paint, you should mix your paint properly. It’s an important portion to fix blotchy spray paint. You should mix your spray paint completely before starting painting. You should at the least sixty seconds shake for your spray can. If your paint is properly mixed up, you can hear the sound of pea rattling inside the spray can.


If you want to get even spray paint, don’t change the positions of your wrist. That means you have to know proper handling. And you have to learn how to control spray paint cans. If you control can spray, your spray paint job will be better at avoiding blotches.

When you are painting, you should retain your wrist unwavering. You should keep your spray paint 90-degree position so that you may handle it. If you change this angle, the painting areas may look uneven. Some areas will get extra paint; some places will get less paint. As a result, this spray paint creates blotchy spray paint. So, you should care about that.


You should keep your sprayer moving to avoid blotches. And you also never quit moving the painted surface to get an even paint.

You should stop moving the sprayer after stopping spray painting. Otherwise, you can get your paint with a blotchy finish. So it would help if you kept moving the sprayers along with the object to fix a blotchy spray paint.


If you paint too close, it develops blotchy coating and uneven paint. So you should maintain the right distance between the sprayer and the surface area to fix a blotchy spray paint. When you’re painting, you should keep around 6-8 inches distance.


If you want to get better spray paint, you should paint your object with a light coating. Because a thick coating gives you blotchy paint. So lighter coating is better to fix blotchy spray paint.


If you paint with multiple paths, you must clean the paint sprayer and cans during every coat. You just need to clean the removable nozzle to get a smooth coat. But you need to deeper clean for paint sprayers to avoid blotchy spray paint.

You should follow the manufacturer’s order for cleaning to get the best. Regular cleaning of your equipment helps to fix blotchy spray paint.

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What are Causes of Blotchy Spray Paint?

There are some causes of blotchy spray paint. Let’s check them.

  • Being a beginner to spray painting jobs is the big one cause of blotchy spray paint. Besides,
  • Skill issue is another cause of blotchy spray paint. If you are not concerned about properly dealing with the sprayer or spray paint can, this mistake will happen.
  • Steep spraying can cause blotchy spray paint jobs.
  • If you use dirty tools, it can cause blotches. Besides, improper mixing of spray paint can also create blotches.
  • If you aren’t careful when spray painting and apply the little spray, the paint may look like blotchy spray paint. It leaves some spots in the deep color.
fixing blotchy spray paint

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People Also Asked (FAQ’s):

What to do if you have blotches already?

If you already have blotches, you can use an outstanding sanding block to fix them. For this, you will need sanding down the blotchy areas. And then will have to recoat them.

Firstly, let dry the blotchy paint area. Then, using a fine gravel sanding block, you should be sanding the area of blotches.

Try to level your best to sand down the blotchy area until it adjusts the surrounding region. Then start again with your next painting coat.

Do You Need To Use A Clear Coat After Spray Painting?

No. Generally, a clear coat is for safety. So you don’t need to use a clear coat after spray painting.

How Can You Be Sure Not To Get Drips or Blotchy When You’re Spray Painting?

Although this is difficult to know, you can understand with better practice. Besides, proper shaking spray can, checking nozzle, and other facts can make sure you will get drips or not.


If you want to fix blotchy spray paint, you need to follow the right ways. Repainting and sanding down fixes the blotches. And may also give you a wonderful finish of spray paint. We hope that our tips will help you to fix blotchy spray paint. And provide you with an even and smooth painting of spray paint.

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