Every tool has a better lifespan if it’s been maintained properly. A paint sprayer is the same as other tools. To make your painting job more perfect, make sure you’re handling the paint sprayer as required.

Among all these requirements, cleaning dried latex paint is one. Dried latex paint is the main culprit that minimizes the functionality of a spray gun. So, you should know how to clean dried latex paint from a paint sprayer to get a better lifespan.

We use latex paint to get the paint job done faster. After completing the job, it’s not as easy to remove the paint as you think. It’s a bit difficult to take a test of patience.

Just using a brush and cleaning the paint is not the step you are thinking of. There is more than that. Cleaning paint from the sprayer is also a part of the painting job.

How To Clean Dried Latex Paint from a Paint Sprayer?

Don’t consider your painting job done unless you clean all these dried paints from the sprayer tip. Yes, it’s all about understanding to clean dried latex paint from a sprayer consistently to ensure quality and reliability. Otherwise, it’ll put your paint job at risk.

What do We need?

Before you start the job to clean dried latex paint from a paint sprayer, a few things you must check and collect all the necessary supplies. Here is the list of these supplies.

  • Cloth Rag
  • Pliers
  • Garden hose
  • Two 5 gallon buckets
  • Soft bristle brush
  • One extra bucket
  • Throat seal liquid
  • Pump armor
  • Paint thinner

Keep in mind, in the time of cleaning dried latex paint, make sure you’re not putting the thinner into the sprayer. Thinner is only to remove stubborn dried-on paint. It will give the best result.

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What Are The Steps of Cleaning Dried Latex Paint?

Cleaning dried latex paint from a paint sprayer is easier than you think. It could be possible to complete this process with only four steps, but 5 steps are enough for the newbie. These extra steps are also important as the other steps.

how to clean dried latex paint from a paint sprayer

Take a quick look at all these steps below.

  1. Dismantle the paint sprayer (Step 1)
  2. Washing parts (Step 2)
  3. Draw water into the sprayer (Step 3)
  4. Rinse the sprayer (Step 4)
  5. Dry and store the paint sprayer (Step 5)

Before you start, take the bucket (5 gallons) and fill it up with hot water. Remember, hot water is always perfect for removing roughest and toughest dried paint from different materials.

Step 1: Dismantle sprayer

In the first step of cleaning, we need to focus on the dismantling process. Yes, it’s a process where we need to remove all the parts like the housing tip and the guard as well. Just look at the back of the gun. You’ll find these two parts are there.

Take the bucket of water and put all these parts into it. Inside the handle, there is a screw, and use pliers to unscrew it. After unscrewing the handle, take the front part of the filter. Again, into the water bucket, but this part as well.

Step 2: Wash all the parts

Before you do the next steps, clean all the parts you put into the water bucket. Then, use the soft-bristled brush for a better result. This brush is a handy tool.

Scrub all parts and don’t damage anything. Do it carefully until the dried paint is off. To ensure your job is complete or not, look through the tip. A clear light will be visible through the spray hole. Do the same thing for the filter.

Ensure that all the remaining paint is clear from the surface of the filter. Don’t use the brush to clean the filter. When the cleaning is complete, then dry them properly. If needed, use a cloth rag to dry all the parts properly.

Step 3: Draw water

The third step is all about deep cleaning. Cleaning dried paint from the small parts is not the last thing to complete the whole cleaning process.

Keep patience because cleaning the actual sprayer is time-consuming. Even basic knowledge of using a spray gun. At the starting point, clean dried latex paint as much as you can. Take 5 gallons of water and use all this water to do it.

Do it by pointing the gun towards the water. It won’t let you mess the paint but do it when the sprayer is set on the prime mode that lets the water absorb directly from the bucket. Keep it at least six minutes.

Step 4: Rinse the sprayer

To make the sprayer free from all the paint, rinse the gun. Just change the mode. Please turn it on and empty the bucket that is filled with water. Repeat this step if needed to ensure the sprayer is clean.

Take a look at the water on the bucket. If you see the water is getting clearer after repeating the process, then this is the time to stop rinsing the sprayer. Now ready to reassemble all the parts.

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Step 5: Dry and store the sprayer

In the last step, dry the sprayer completely. Before proper storing, you must do it because it keeps the paint sprayer and all its parts corrosion, wear and tear-free. Use anti-corrosion liquid if you want. Lastly, use throat seal liquid. Apply it in the hole in front of your sprayer. Finally, reassemble all the parts and store the sprayer in a safe place.

how to clean dried latex paint sprayer


Cleaning dried latex paint is simple, but it can create skin irritation. Sometimes people say it also causes severe eye irritation. So, we suggest you keep your eye and skin safe when cleaning a spray gun.

Remember, it also causes dizziness. Try to clear the paint as early as possible. After a few times, the paint gets hard as well as the removing. If you’re too late to do it, then you might need to spend money to hire a technician.


Dried latex paint is one of the most irritating problems for the user of the paint sprayer. Removing paint for a sprayer is just like maintaining other tools. To ensure service for a long time from a sprayer, you must continue to remove dried latex paint for the sprayer.

It’s an obvious task that you must complete following proper steps. That’s why we share our thoughts and give you a guideline about how to clean dried latex paint from a paint sprayer easily. I hope you understand all the steps and can perform according to them.

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